Welcome to Amy Jacques Garvey Institute

Three youth describes how Amy Jacques Garvey has helped them further their education. In order for us to Continue to help and assist the youth please make a donation now.

Youth mentee Micheal Ham talks about how Amy Jacques Garvey has helped him.

Youth worker Candice Batch details her experience in meeting Congresswomen Eleanor Holmes Norton. She also discusses the vast arrays of enrichment workshops and projects she receives from Amy Jacques Garvey Institute.

Outstanding youth work Tanzania Brooks became of Marcus Garvey and Garveyism for the first time in the Amy Jacques Garvey Institute Program. Helping youth like her in inner-city Washington DC is the reason we exist.

Long-term Garvey Cub India Ellsworth goes into great detail explain her experiences in Amy Jacques Garvey Institute. Even down to her technique for forehand and backhand hit with a tennis racket. She knows the staff is dedicated to the youth of Washington DC.

Future webmaster for Amy Jacques Garvey Institute, Quincy French, goes into detail about the vast array of enrichment activities he participated in during his first summer at Amy Jacques Garvey Institute.

Ms. Brittany Govan went on to attend Bennett College. She was a leader every step of the way, an active participant in financial literacy workshops and current events discussions. She receive CPR certification training reserved for best students.

Micheal Dewalt viewed a film on Malcolm X and it changed his world views forever. One God! One Aim! One Destiny!

Tonitra Donelson discusses the financial literacy training she received from Amy Jacques Garvey Institute.