Welcome to Amy Jacques Garvey Institute

The Amy Jacques Garvey Institute in Washington DC has had the pleasure of having our summer Garvey Cubs produce a Public Service Announcement on the issues facing black youth in the inner city. They thought that privacy was an issue that young people needed to give more attention to. The value privacy is something that needs to be valued in this instant access, facebook-twitter world. Please enjoy this Public service announcement our target audience is African American teens and youth in Wards 5, 7, and 8 in Washington DC.

The Amy Jacques Garvey Institute summer and year-round youth created an Anti-Domestic violence Public Service Announcement. Please seek help if you are in a violent relationship. Please contact the House of Ruth 202-677-7001.

Responsible youth do not use drugs. Just say NO! This is Amy Jacques Garvey Institute Anti-Drug Public Service Announcement.

This is Amy Jacques Garvey BP Oil Spill Commercial Spoof. All Garvey-ites know that the environment is very important. There is no culture without agriculture.