We are proud to announce that The Amy Jacques Garvey Institute was a host agency of the District of Columbia’s Department of Employment Services’ Passport to Work Youth Summer Employment program. We provided a variety of training opportunities to District of Columbia youths (Ages 14 and up) to equip them with the necessary skills to successfully compete in the labor market. This Work-Study program was an innovative summer long enrichment career preparatory program that focuses on enhancing the lives of youth to become and continue to be productive District residents as well as engaged citizens of this country. We produced 4 Public Service announcements aimed at highlighting the environment that DC youth grow-up in and educating the public on being aware of one’s own environment. All youth took part in symposiums where a youth researches a topic and presents their findings to their co-workers and answers questions from the audience. Public speaking and speaking in front of audiences along with Media and leadership training were all used to engage the youth in critical thinking skills development, provoke thoughtful discussions and appropriate networking and social interaction skills

The project begain with a week of orientation of the rules and regulations detailing respect for oneself and for others. This project involved researching subject, script writing, digital and video camera training, site research and selection, group planning session, set design and coordination, and audio/video editing and shooting. We also incorporated Life Skills training, Financial Literacy workshops, Sign Language and team development. All youth will participated on field trips focused on cultural enrichment. The services are geared toward enhancing the educational, vocational, and basic skill levels of youth via career awareness, as well as paid and non-paid work experience. We will post our Public Service announcements right here on facebook, so stay tuned!!

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