Amy Jacques Garvey Institute walks in the 2nd Annual Nannie Helen Burroughs Parade. Sponsored by Washington DC Wards 7 Council women Yevette Alexander. Nannie Helen Burroughs was a great leader! A strong supporter of the U.N.I.A, a true blue Garvey-ite. A strong supporter of D.C statehood rights. Taxation without Representation!!! Amy Jacques Garvey was friends with Nannie Helen Burroughs. There was so energy that day. It seemed like all of ward7 came to support. Amy Jacques Garvey Institute was our in full force with picturte of Nannie Helen Burroughs and Dorothy Height and Amy Jacques Garvey!! We passed out Literature, we chanted "This Flag of Mine" and expressed visability for The RED, BLACK and GREEN!!

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