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Creative Media & Advocacy Group Slideshow

Our Summer 2011 Garvey cubs that were in Ms. Pandza's group focused on photo editing, basics and advanced Photography. They had to lean how to edit photographs that they took. Here is the final collection of their work. Our youth worked very hard on their projects this summer and we are proud of all of them.

Community Reporting Slideshow

Summer 2011 Garvey Cubs were tasked with the responsibility of review and documenting the scenes and sounds of our city Washington DC. Please enjoy!

Light, Shadow and Reflections Slideshow

This slidshow is a collection of our summer 2011 Garvey cubs Media and photography group. On this assignment the youth were to take photos of different aspects of lighting, shadow and reflections. They did an awesome job. Enjoy!

Angles and Perspective Slideshow

Our 2011 summer Garvey cubs also did a assignment on Angles and perspective. This was taken from ordinary objects. The youth had to find the special shots that take in to consideration spectacular angles and horizon exposing perspectives.!! Great job youth!

Pattern and Texture Slideshow

On what may be their best project yet. Our summer 2011 Garvey youth next project included finding patterns and texture in their photos. These pictures are awesome! lease view and enjoy their hard work!
Smithsonian Field Trip and Reportage