Welcome to Amy Jacques Garvey Institute

The Amy Jacques Garvey Institute, Inc is a 501(C) (3) educational, charitable, humanitarian, institutional, social, friendly, constructive and expansive Institute, and is founded by persons desiring to the utmost to work for the general upliftment of the people of African ancestry throughout the world. And members pledge themselves to do all in their power to conserve the rights of their noble race and to respect the rights of all mankind, believing always in the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God. The motto of the organization is "ONE GOD!, ONE AIM!, ONE DESTINY!". Therefore, let justice be done to all mankind, realizing that if the strong oppresses the weak, confusion and discontent will ever mark the path of man; but with love, faith and charity towards all the reign of peace and plenty will be heralded into the world and the generations of men shall be called Blessed. Our mission is to educate, motivate, develop inform, train, and teach youth to fulfill their potentials to their fullest extent. Named after the author and editor of the Philosophies and Opinions of Marcus Garvey, as well as the former Executive Secretary of the Universal Negro Improvement Association; The Amy Jacques Garvey Institute has been actively involved in the education and training of District of Columbia in partnership with many community organizations. Some of our early activities included an Entrepreneurship program with Love Joy Jewelers in which we trained youth how to make, repair, and sell fine jewelry. We have a have distributed free food, hygienic products, school supplies, and clothing among other items to the community. We have partnerships with local businesses and organizations in providing work experience to local youths. We are aware of the personal developmental issues that hinder our youth in progressing in the workforce as well as life. As the years progressed we incorporated more practical training programs such as Telecommunications training in voice, date, and video. Also our youth study office operations, computer tech positions, computer software programming, and life-skills training.

Starting in the summer of 2006 Amy Jacques Garvey Institute started providing work experience in health services, insurance, and graphic design to thirty youths. We also provided training in office operations, community outreach, literary correspondence, computer technology, media arts, gold and business management. All in partnership with Nationwide Insurance, Private media agencies, the R.L Christian community Library, volunteer writers and editors, local businesses, Free Advice, Inc., The First Tee Golf training, and the Peoples MEDIA Center.

2007 started the catalyst for more innovation. In summer 2007 our youth worked in a variety of areas including health services, community outreach, artistic management, library sciences, office operation, and historical research in partnerships with organizations such as DC ACORN, TransAfrica Forum, Young Woman's Drumming Empowerment Project, Family Preservation Society, and our local dentist: Dr. Heyward Burrell. Our Media Leadership Trainees received instructions in telecommunications systems, computer technology, Diversity and Conflict Resolution. Training in Audio/Visual Journalism was provided in partnership with the Peoples MEDIA Center, the American Friends Service Committee and WPFW radio station. Our Civic Leadership Trainees received instruction in Life science, D.C History American Sign Language, community Service, African Dancing and Drumming, Golf, and Life Principles, and Self-Esteem Life Skills from the Amy Jacques Garvey Institute in partnership with Gallaudet University, Green Plants, and Literacy Society.

Starting in 2008 we added more cultural experiences and parental involvement in our programming. We also included more project based learning activities to inspire academic principles and project time management without the youth feeling like they were still in school.

Since 2008 Amy Jacques Garvey Institute has been providing year round services to 45 high school youths. We are providing them with daily tutoring, life skills, and leadership development programming, as well as career development, daily life, school, and family support services. In 2010 Amy Jacques continued community outreach: We marched in the 2nd annual Nannie Helen Burroughs Day Parade which inspired out next project: a summer time community Mapping/Urban Anthropology Project on Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue in ward 7. Also we had a Public Service Announcement Project where our youth participants produced 4 public service announcements(2 video, 1 radio, 1 print) on issues such as don,t text messaging while driving, don't do drugs, and don,t smoke: All targeted toward At-risk youth in Washington, DC.

Amy Jacques Garvey Institute continues to be on the front lines of a larger effort to save our youth! Our focus are Washington DC youth who are at-risk of becoming disconnected from their paths toward a fulfilling life and a benefit to their community and family We believe our program design has the essential elements necessary to best meet the needs or our target population youths, ages 14-24, living in wards, 5, 7, and 8 of Washington, D.C. These are the youths we have consistently served since 1985, with the majority living in wards 7 and 8. There is an urgent need to help at-risk and underserved district youth complete high school and continue their education to prepare them for productive lives in society. We continue our goal of surrounding a at-risk youths with caring people that have been consistent in their lives, that they have to do something positive with their lives, and they know who they can go to for any of their needs. This is the mission of Amy Jacques Garvey Institute!